martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

Mr Trump:

In the past few days, you have disrespected the father of a soldier who died in combat in Iraq. You not only disrespected him but you disrespected his wife, a woman so filled with grief that she could not speak. You know absolutely nothing about the pain of losing a child to war. You disrespect thousands of parents who. like Mr. Khan and I, have paid the ultimate sacrifice--our child's life in the name of American freedom and democracy.
You have said that Mexico sends criminals, rapists, and drug dealers. You either have bad information or your handlers are lying to you about immigration. Thousands of us who are of Mexican origin have paid the high cost of giving our children's blood for all of the wars prosecuted by the United States around the world. Are you aware of how many ethnic Mexican soldiers and Marines have received the the highest honor this nation bestows on its fallen heroes? I can give you all the names but you would not understand their courage and sacrifice; their love of family and country.
I am but one more immigrant who came from Mexico to work--not to rob or rape--but to work and provide for my family. What did I give in return? The life of my son Jesús A. Suarez del Solar who died in Iraq "defending our freedom" including your right to insult us. My son died a U.S. Marine in the illegal invasion of Iraq and you mock and disrespect that fact when you say that you have "sacrificed a lot" by creating jobs with your shady businesses. Clearly, you do not understand the word "sacrifice."
Millions of immigrants from all over the world chose to come to the United States and adopt this country as our own. Many of us have given our children's blood in return. You never served and have never known war. Your sons have not served and only use weapons against defenseless animals. And yet you insult us by claiming to be the only one who can fix America's problems.
Stop being cynical. You have no moral authority to speak on democracy, sacrifice or heroism. We thousands who are Gold Star parents do. If you were a man of integrity, you would apologize to us now and give up your insane scheme to become President of this great nation.
from Escondido California: Fernando Suarez del Solar, Father of Lcpl Jesus Suarez del Solar, KIA Iraq

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