viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2016

Comites del Barrio Press Release Contact: Salvador Reza PHOENIX ARIZONA

602 446-9928 Barrio Defense Committees Join Longest Protestor Hasta Nunca Arpaio, Good Riddance PRESS CONFERENCE Date: Friday December 16, 2016 Time: 12:00 Noon Location: First Ave and Washingon, Phoenix Arizona Wells Fargo Building, Arpaio’s Former Headquarters Re: There has been numerous protests against Joe Arpaio in the last decade. But the longest protestor Rob McElwain will be joined by members of the Barrio Defense Committees to give Arpaio his last eviction notice and give him the boot. Arpaio had previously been evicted from the Wells Fargo Bank, now it will be the County Sheriff’s Office. The Barrio Defense Committees have been protesting Arpaio in front of Wells Fargo building for 9 years straight and Rob McElwain has been the most constant; withstanding cold, 118 Degree heat, rain, and frequent harassment by passerby’s and police officers trying to get rid of protesters at the request of Wells Fargo management. At one time he asked, who would last longer Rob’s protest or Arpaio’s reign. It seems the protester won. However, now comes the new Trumpeteer, Donald Trump, and Rob will keep his presence in the corner until the next joker leaves and stops abusing people. Arpaio’s statements are no longer funny. His media attempt to “straighten the Obama birth certificate record” was a flat joke. No body is laughing at the clown anymore. Hasta Nunca Arpaio, Good Riddance.

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