martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

College Bound Youth Group

On Tuesday, October 7th/ C-BYG held its first workshop of the school year for the sophomores and juniors of Benito Juarez high school. Ten C-BYG college student members presented information regarding ACT tests, college timelines, online college sources and earning college credits. The workshop was conducted in a one to one format allowing the high schools students the opportunity to have conversations with the college students in order to ensure that most of their questions were answered. Students seemed very excited to be speaking with young adults that they could relate to and obtain information on following a successful path to be accepted into college. 
On October 22, C-BYG will be taking 25 sophomores and juniors from Juarez high school to shadow college students at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 
"Higher Learning: a day in the life of a college student" will give high school students the opportunity to see what college life is about and accompany C-BYG college students to their university classes. In November, C-BYG students we will be taking high school students to visit the University of Chicago campus. 
C-BYG is looking forward to continue working with Juarez high school and its students, to lead our community's youth to post-secondary education.
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