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#My son is your son

#Your son is my son

Antonio Tizapa, father of one of the 43 missing students from Mexico, started a campaign

demanding the GIEI stays in Mexico and keep investigating the case.

Antonio Tizapa, Mexican immigrant in New York City and father of Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño, one of

the 43 missing students from Iguala, Guerrero; started a campaign to demand that the Group of Experts

from the Inter American Commission (GIEI), stays in Mexico to continue the investigation about the

whereabouts of his son and the other 42 , after an official hearing in Washington D.C last week. President

Enrique Peña Nieto made official that his government was not going to renovate the GIEI mandate in

Mexico in Copenague.

After the national and international outrage emerged from the enforced disappearance of the 43 students, the

Inter American Commission for Human Rights and the Mexican state made an agreement of cooperation,

regarding the investigation of the Ayotzinapa case; the IACHR sent a Group of Experts to collaborate with

the General Attorney in March 2015. The Group of Interdisciplinary Experts (GIEI) proved that the

investigation conducted by Mexican authorities before their arrival to Mexico, was a lie, based on no hard

evidence, therefore they want the GIEI out of Mexico on April 30th, the day when the agreement ends.

Born in Tixtla Guerrero, Tizapa expressed that the parents of the 43 do not trust at all on the way that the

Mexican state conducted the investigation of the disappearance of their sons; neither they trust on  the

results. The parents consider that the government is responsible of the crime of Iguala, so for that reason it is

illogical they behave as prosecutors when they are the perpetrators. He added to that he is deeply thankful to

GIEI and the Argentine Team of Forensic Anthropology because they saved the parents from accepting the

government’s lie, when the General Attorney, Jesus Murillo Karam, presented the so called “historical truth”

that said the students were executed and burn down to ashes in a dump around the area.

Also a sector of the Mexican community and activists in the USA are supporting Antonio Tizapa and the

parents of the 43. They have endorsed Tizapa’s campaign because they believe the government will not

contiunue with a responsible and transparent investigation and because they are also tired of so much

violence, corruption and impunity.  They are planning mobilizations in different cities of the United States.

*Antonio Tizapa prefers to attend calls after 7pm on the weekdays. Thank you very much for your

understanding. Before that you can call 516-784-0170 with Ms. Ruiz.

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