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William C. Velásquez Institute

Travel to Cuba 
Latinos for Ending the Embargo
Travel with WCVI this fall. WCVI will embark on several trips designed to explore all that Cuba has to offer.


WCVI's trip to southeastern Cuba will explore Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba is the capital of Cuba's southeastern Santiago de Cuba Province, facing the bay off the Caribbean Sea. Known for colonial architecture and its revolutionary history, the city has a distinctive Afro- Cuban cultural influences.


Explore Cuba's amazing coastal environment with a tour and exploration from Pinar del Rio to the Bay of Pigs. This area is the western 1 /3 of Cuba along the Caribbean Ocean.

Pinar del Rio is at the center of the cigar industry and is known as the Mecca of Tobacco. The tour will take you along the coast as well as to historic sites.

 Hispanic Journalists and Publications Trip, November 2016

On December 17, 2014 President Obama took executive action to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba after a 62 year break. He also released 3 Cubans held unjustly in US jails; took Cuba off the US Terrorist list; and made it easier to travel to Cuba (and several other measures). But the fact is only Congress can end the economic embargo that has strangled Cuba for two generations and catalyzed a brain drain of Cuban professionals.

In view of that fact I'm calling on all Latino leaders to endorse WCVI's call to repeal the Cuba embargo which is embodied in three shameful laws:

The Helms Burton Act
The Cuba Democracy Act
The Cuban Adjustment Act

By endorsing this call to action you are joining with the vast majority of Latino opinion, American opinion, Latin American opinion, and world opinion. Indeed virtually sector (except the Congressional majority as well as beneficiaries of embargo policies) supports the US embargo of Cuba.

Please add your name to this righteous cause by clicking below and we'll keep you informed on this important cause, as well as WCVI trips to Cuba.

Antonio Gonzalez, WCVI President

Adonis Flores, Student,Wayne State University
Angelika Albaladejo, Program Assistant, Latin America Working Group 
Armando Rendon
Carlos Rivera, President, Carlos Rivera LLC
Christ Oval Montano, Community Affairs Director, CBL/Computer Based Learning Institute 
Daniel Jose Angel Bueno, Retired Police Chief, Chief Deputy Constable 
Mayor Fito Salinas, Mayor, City of La Joya, Texas
Rev. James Hinde, Carmelite Fathers 
Joe G. Flores, Retried Millwrtight Journeyman G.E.,Westinghouse, Siemens
Kathleen Gallegos
Lynne Lyman State Director, Drug Policy Alliance 
Maria Elena Yepes, Professor 
Hon. Phil Reyes, Emeritus Mayor, City of Duarte
Rev. Richard Estrada, Assistant Vicor, Church of the Epiphany 
Russell Jaurequi, Attorney, Inland Law Group

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